Energy Matrix
You power the Illusion

The Energy Matrix was well depicted in the book The Divine Matrix

We serve as power source for our dreams, our creations.

We recharge our energy body, every night, in our sleep, in our quiet moments with nature, with our pets, enjoying music, creativity of all sorts.

Our Biological Suit then uses it for all normal physical activity.

We create scenarios or plays and then actively participate in them.

The “Star Trek” series, shows us the example of the “Holo Deck” or holographic manifestation of our thoughts and desires.

We can invest the energy in a positive “Virtual Reality” or a negative creation.

When it is positive ( see The Gap) we are uplifted and have lots of leftover energy.

When it is negative, we feel depleted, and can even sink down to depression.

Wherever we focus our attention, is where our energy goes and strengthens that scenario as in The Divine Matrix

There are energy vampires that live off fear, pain, and all negative emotions from the human body. To

Reclaim your Sovereignty, consists in deciding that we always invest in joy-seeking experiences.

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Your emotional state will direct your creations.

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