Avatar Manual

The Avatar Manual should have been handed to us upon our arrival on Earth. It’s kind of tongue in cheek, but we wouldn’t feel like strangers in a strange land.

We will explore everything pertaining to our personal energy, the wellness of our bodies, and any methodology to improve our energy for life. There are many ways to protect our energy bodies and benefit from other fields available to us.

Here are samples of areas we have found of interest:

-Reclaim your Sovereignty
-Whats your Dream
-Plug into Source
-Energy and Health
-Energy Abundance
-Paradigm Shift
-DNA Activation
-The Gap
-My Mission

We have many ways of using our own GPS (God positioning system) We will rediscover the various sensing systems that are built-in to this marvelous biological suit that we use in this environment.

The biological suit is assembled with pure energy and resonates with the planetary field as well as cosmic and universal changes. We have all sorts of tools to recognize energy loss, and how to regain your sovereignty.

Be ready, we’re in for a fun ride!

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