Energy, abundance
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Energy, as electric and electromagnetic was only allowed to develop along certain industrial monopolies.

In the early 1900's, greed and power caused us to base all future development on oil.

We will visit all the possible alternatives that were discovered, and see if they still apply today.

We take into consideration our contribution at the personal level,as well as how we are being impacted by these changes.

Some of these contributors, we can call inventors and others would qualify as discoverers.

There are many innovations in conservation and generation of energy.

The "holy grail" to replace our dependence on oil, will bring about a global geo-political shift.

The climate change that we are experiencing, is bigger than this planet; observations show that the entire solar system is radiating more heat, brilliance, and on many vibrational levels.

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About this Site, passionate desire to share <br>a lifetime’s worth of experience
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Welcome to planet Earth, here is your Avatar Manual, for the duration of your visit here.
Living off grid
Living off grid without an Electric bill.
Energy Innovators
Energy Innovators who inspired great discoveries.
Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles, significant contribution to harmonious living.
2015 New Play
2015 New Play, contrary to Media,it's a new beginning
Emotional Energy Units
Emotional Energy Units,the foundation of the financial system
Energy Alignment
Energy Alignment into a Bright New Day
Energy Matrix
Energy Matrix, What you focus on, you manifest.
Empowering Movies
Empowering Movies, to replace the bubble-gum for the brain, offered on television.
Follow the Energy
Gulf Oil Spill,who gains by this event?, Follow the Money, Follow the Energy
Scarcity of Energy
The drumming of the Scarcity of Energy is causing extreme stress.